This is where our church community and volunteers can access the various resources they need.


Songs List
List of our songs with tool for you to find and select the songs you wish to use. Includes lyrics and links to Youtube videos where available
West Songs List

Engage worship
Free to subscribe, a website of worship resources. Their aim is “to resource local churches for creative, innovative and world-changing worship; engaging with God, each other and the world around us.”
Engage worship link

re:Worship blogspot
A New Zealand worship resource blog with lots of worship resources. No need to sign in. link

Creative ideas to bring the bible alive
This website provides free ideas for your Sunday and midweek children’s groups and material for all-age worship. link

Faith and Worship resources
Over 700 Prayer and worship resources by John Birch link

Helping People to learn in Church
If you are interested in thinking about how we effectively teach people with different learning styles then you might find the document helping people to learn in church helpful. link

Modern Parables
Jesus taught using parables. Using short stories, Jesus was able to explain things in way that was accessible and understandable by everyone. link/


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Cleaning and Morning Tea Roster (13 Aug to 5 Nov 2023)

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